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  • Actions You Can Take Toward a More Motivated You
    Whatever you seek to accomplish, the key to finding and maintaining the drive, momentum and creativity you need is a strong sense of motivation. Your motivation can make or break your productivity. Even when...... more
  • First Steps to Business Growth
    Beginning and running a successful small business is an admirable undertaking. Once your business has taken off, will you be satisfied with the status quo, of will you want to make plans to keep...... more
  • Is a Franchise the Right Type of Business for You?
    Starting a business from scratch can be an exhilarating - yet terrifying and potentially risky undertaking. A significant number of new businesses go belly-up before they ever get off the ground. One way to...... more
  • Customer Service a Marketing Power Tool
    Customer service. Customer care. Customer experience. Call it what you will but it's all about treating those with whom you do business well. It's more than the golden rule. It's more than good business....... more
  • Venture Capital 5 Basic Questions Answered
    “Venture capital” is a term you hear bandied about among small businesses and startups. The word “venture” conjures up images of a dynamic, even romantic escapade - an exciting adventure, pursuit or endeavor. In...... more
  • For Your Safety and Theirs Proper Disposal of Client Data
    Many businesses collect personal information from their customers in the course of doing business with them. Your clients place their trust in you and one of the biggest manifestations of that trust is providing...... more
  • 2013 The Year for Women Contractors
    Good news for women-owned businesses in the year 2013: The government is continuing to support women in business, as evidenced by a couple recent initiatives to encourage them to pursue federal contracts. These women-owned...... more
  • Don't think of it as a computerized website, think of it...
    Your business' website can be a dynamic way to present your offerings. For many businesses, a website is the first impression a potential customer experiences. In every sense, its purpose is to work for...... more
  • Beyond Keyword Choice: SEO Measures to Get Your Website Highly Ranked
    Your company’s website can be one of the most powerful tools available for promoting and conducting business. Like any valuable and loyal employee, a well-performing website will represent, sell, inform and engage on behalf...... more
  • Choosing and Using Keywords to Get Your Business Found in Internet...
    Much like an employee, your business’ website should represent, sell, inform and engage on behalf of your company, ultimately building your business and contributing to your revenue. The most direct way to realize benefits...... more
  • Choosing a To-Do System for Greater Productivity
    Have you reached the point in your personal or professional life where you feel disorganization is dragging you down and preventing you from doing the things you need to do? That's a stressful situation...... more
  • Evaluating and Implementing a To-Do System for Greater Productivity
    So you're searching for an organization system to help manage your to-do tasks and increase your productivity. In the first installment of this two-part series, entitled, "Choosing a To-Do System for Greater Productivity," I...... more

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