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Promoted Page Likes Launched By Facebook

Facebook announced today that it is rolling out Promoted Page Likes around the world, after first launching them for U.S. businesses in December. These are designed to let Page owners create ads aimed at gaining new fans right directly fro their Page.

“While there are existing means for advertisers to acquire Likes, Promoted Page Likes is primarily meant for new advertisers without sophisticated targeting needs,” a Facebook spokesperson tells WebProNews.

“In the Page admin view, Page owners simply click the Promoted Page Likes panel, select a budget, and start running their campaigns,” he adds. “Promoted Page Like ads can run on both mobile and desktop News Feed, and these ads target an audience in a location selected by the Page owner.”

Basically, you just pick your daily budget, target your ads by location, city, state or country, and promote your page. Ads include a link making it easy for people to like your Page.

Facebook has also been doing more to coax page owners to promote their posts. For example, there’s a new post analytics box at the top of the admin panel, which shows all promotable posts, their total reach, and their paid reach. There’s also a button to quickly promote each post.

They also adjusted the wording from “promote” to “boost”. More on all of that here.

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