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Google Trends Gets Email Notifications

Google announced that it’s adding email notifications to Google Trends. You can subscribe to any topic, hot searches for any country, or any U.S. monthly top chart.

You can also get notifications about search interest in any topic.

“I’m a Liverpool F.C. fan, so I set up a subscription to get notifications about searches for the team,” says Google software engineer Gavri Smith. “I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to keep on the daily scores, trades and gossip, so Trends email notifications have been a great way to make sure I catch the big news. For example, this week I got an email telling me searches for Liverpool F.C. spiked by 169%(!)”

“Seeing this email I immediately got excited to find out what the buzz was about,” Smith says. “Looking at Google Trends, I can see this is the biggest spike in the past year by far. As football fans know, this week Liverpool F.C. beat Manchester City. It turns out this is the team’s 10th straight victory and puts them in striking distance of a championship title for the first time in 24 years. Busily working away on this feature, I didn’t realize just how big a deal this was, and the email from Trends was a great reminder to tune in.”

This should make a fine addition to Google’s Alerts offering. There’s a new “Subscriptions” section on Google Trends, where you can set up the ones you want to get. It’s unclear if there’s a limit to how many you can set up.

Image via Google

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