The Jefferson Bank Experience

Big-city products. Small-town personality. Old-school values. New-school technology. This is the Jefferson Bank experience. Dedicated to customers and community for 50 years!

From high-tech products to hometown pride, you can expect the same experience every time you step in our doors. We’re here to ensure you find the products and services you need so you can focus on the more important things. For the last 50 years, our customers and our community have been our number one priority. And, we’re not stopping there.

At Jefferson Bank, Every Detail Matters

It’s the unspoken mantra of Jefferson Bank, and it’s apparent the instant you pull up to the curb. “Jefferson Bank doesn’t have grass. They have a lawn,” says longtime customer Ryan Rowden. “And it’s one of the nicest lawns you’ll ever see.”(read more…)

At Jefferson Bank, Family Matters

Jefferson Bank has called Jefferson City its home for generations. And for those generations, families have called Jefferson Bank home. It’s a circle of relationships that will always feed itself. (read more…)

The Most Important Service Is Community Service

A community is only as strong as its capacity to give. And they don’t come much stronger than Jefferson City. Jefferson Bank is truly a community bank because its leadership and staff believe in the value of a strong Jefferson City.(read more…)