At Jefferson Bank, Every Detail Matters

It all matters.

It’s the unspoken mantra of Jefferson Bank, and it’s apparent the instant you pull up to the curb.

“Jefferson Bank doesn’t have grass. They have a lawn,” says longtime customer Ryan Rowden. “And it’s one of the nicest lawns you’ll ever see.”

See, it all matters at Jefferson Bank. Not just on the financial side (although customers rave about the attention to detail on every transaction, from those as small as the local paperboy depositing his tips to those as life-changing as a new family applying for a first home loan); everyone from leadership to part-time staff commits to making the experience matter. Let’s be honest: In today’s hectic world, no one has time for a trip to the bank. That’s why Jefferson Bank (Jeff Bank to its friends) strives to be a place you want to visit, as opposed to a checkbox on your busy itinerary.

Comfort matters. Banking is often far from comfortable. It’s government-mandated forms and signatures and identifications. It’s also more online and less personal than ever before, making it as far from “comfortable” as a person can be. When you do visit Jefferson Bank (You can call it Jeff Bank. It’s cool.), you feel like you’re walking into an old friend’s house. You’re greeted with smiles and coffee. You’re among friends. You’re comfortable.

beautiful tulips in front of Jefferson Bank

That comfort starts with Don Ittner. Don’s the head of maintenance and his family has been a part of Jefferson Bank since 1967, when his father maintained the buildings and grounds. Don has kept true to that tradition for 35 years; Jefferson Bank is his home, and Jefferson Bank employees are like family. He wants to make sure that our customers feel as close to “his” bank and these people as he does. And making the bank feel like home is a huge part of that.

“Most homes are comfortable and where you want to be,” Don says. “So we attempt to care for the buildings and grounds as a homeowner would, to make it pleasing for anyone who drops by.”

Don isn’t just talking the talk. He’s walking the walk (and walks it on lush, soft grass and meticulously trash-and-obstacle-free parking lots that he starts maintaining as early as 6 a.m. every morning, including weekends). Don and his crew go above and beyond to prove that it all matters. Ryan can attest to that.

“I remember once at the location at Truman and 179 a truck bumped over the curb and left ruts in the grass,” he says. “Within an hour, someone was out there raking and re-seeding. Jefferson Bank just cares. And if they care about ruts near the curb that much, imagine how much they care about their customers. About the community.”

Don and the maintenance crew appear to agree, taking the “home” feel of Jefferson Bank that much farther. They believe that, like a good home and strong family, the bank is an important part of a thriving community.

“I hope we all want to be good neighbors,” he says. “You want to have staff and facilities and products that do all they can to promote the good of the community and to be a positive impact on the city. We’re all part of the community, after all.” You treat neighbors with consideration and respect. With smiles and How ya doins. Being part of a community -your home- matters. Your neighbors at Jefferson Bank feel the same way. From the pleasing-looking lawn to the clean, homey interior décor to the smiles on the faces, Jefferson Bank strives to treat everyone like neighbors.

That’s how it is at Jefferson Bank; you’re not “running to the bank.” You’re visiting your friends. You’re coming home. It’s a nice feeling.

And that matters.