At Jefferson Bank, Family Matters

Jefferson Bank has called Jefferson City its home for generations. And for those generations, families have called Jefferson Bank home. It’s a circle of relationships that will always feed itself.

Speaking of circles, the wheels never stop spinning for the LePage family of Jefferson City.

Phil LePage has been in the tire business since 1982, when he joined forces with his father-in-law at Jefferson City staple Jim Lewis Tire & Wheel. Phil and his wife, Sharlyn, bought the shop outright when Jim retired in 1994, and the wheels kept turning without missing a beat. Today, it’s known as Jim Lewis Tire Pros and has changed locations to better accommodate the needs of the Jefferson City community. It has remained a successful family-owned-and-operated business for nearly 35 years.

And Jefferson Bank has been helping the wheels keep moving every step of the way. Phil has held an account since the week the bank opened in 1967, long before he ever started helping the people of Jefferson stay safely on the road.

Jefferson Bank believes that all family businesses make lasting impacts, not only on the families who run them but on the community. They’re the lifeblood of cities like this one, which is why Jefferson Bank prioritizes relationships with families.

“Jefferson Bank has helped me out in so many ways,” Phil says. “Everything I’ve needed to grow the business, and everything Jim needed before me, Jefferson Bank was there. We’re very fortunate to have a bank like Jefferson Bank that is looking out for the community.” As Phil’s business has evolved over the years, he’s used a variety of products and services provided by Jefferson Bank. He’s happy that the bank has continued to evolve its offerings as well, so that he can better provide for his customers.

Phil’s business philosophy is the same today as it was in 1982. “We just treat our customers like we would want to be treated,” he says. “We never promise more than we can deliver and we always give the customer more than they expect.”

That’s a philosophy that Jefferson Bank is excited to help keep in the community. And that’s why the staff at Jeff Bank go out of their way to treat customers like family. It’s also a reason the LePages have stuck with Jefferson Bank for so long.

a man showing his granddaughter how to use a tractor

Five generations long, in fact. Phil’s grandfather, Henry LePage, not only held an account at Jefferson, but was on Jefferson Bank’s first board. That fact makes it somewhat fitting that Paul Lepage, Phil’s dad, holds the oldest account at Jefferson Bank, opened in 1967. And the Jefferson Bank/LePage connection continues today. Phil’s nephew, Daniel LePage, is a fourth-generation Jefferson Bank customer. Although when you’ve been part of a family for so long, “customer” probably doesn’t quite cover it.

“The employees at the West branch have always been on a first-name basis with our family,” Daniel says. “I remember that they used to specifically set aside the bicentennial quarters that they found because my grandpa would come in and get them for my brother and me.”

Daniel, 27, has circled the globe, and he keeps coming back to Jefferson City and Jefferson Bank. Born and raised right here in Jefferson City, Daniel left to pursue biochemistry at the University of Tulsa and earned a Ph.D. in biology from Vanderbilt University. He’s spent summers in Australia and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. But he always had a financial association with Jefferson Bank. Those familial connections played a big role.

“Heck, just today my dad, grandpa, and I went in there to sign some paperwork and we were all greeted by name,” he says. “Before we left, Grandpa had to crack a few jokes and Dad was sharing grandkid photos. There's absolutely no comparison between the service that we've always gotten at Jefferson Bank and what we would get at a large conglomerate.”

When you walk into a Jefferson Bank, you’re family even if you’re a brand new customer. The bank’s staff places the same value all relationships, and if you don’t feel right at home from the second you walk in, they want to know about it. After all, even the longest-running relationships started somewhere. They treat every client like a legacy in the making.

“I am proud to work for a banking organization which has been able to stand the test of time,” says bank president Ken Theroff. “Jefferson Bank has not only provided consistently superior customer service (this never goes out of style), but has also invested in current technology and products that allow businesses of families like the LePages to thrive.”

While Phil’s business does just that and Daniel’s successful future is just beginning, the LePages are happy to call Jefferson Bank their home for financial affairs. But it’s so much more than that.

“You can get a rate anywhere,” Phil says. “You can’t get a relationship anywhere. That’s why I like Jefferson Bank. They value relationships.”

Because relationships make the world go round.