Career Areas and Development

Jefferson Bank, as a member of Central Bankcompany’s family of banks, has a wide range of career areas to choose from. Use this list to find a career suited to your skill set.

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Accounting and Finance
Reconcile general ledger, generate accurate financial statements, interpret tax laws and offer cost-reduction strategies using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Work with employees and managers to optimize business processes, identify profit improvement opportunities, as well as review internal controls and monitor regulatory compliance.

Work with our Classic Club to help customers age 50 and above travel the world or offer friendly, helpful service to customers by making their personal or business travel easy, fun and relaxing.

Stay current on banking laws and regulations to help employees and managers accurately perform their job functions and assist customers.

Facilities Management
Work to provide the professional appearance and operation of all buildings and grounds maintenance.

Work with Government, Associations and other not-for-profit entities to provide them with various deposit and cash management bank services.

Human Resources
Work with applicants, employees and managers to offer expertise in not only recruitment, employee benefits, and payroll, but also in employee relations, training and development and retention programs.

Information Systems
Support Central Bancompany’s technology needs including, but not limited to: computer-based information systems, software, hardware, application development and support, programming, network management, security, technical training, project management, and operational services.

With commercial, health, life, and personal lines of insurance policies, sell and service customers with the best insurance products available.

Manage or offer our institutional or retail customers investment advice on execution and asset allocation regarding stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

With personal, home, home equity and student loans, lend a solution that is perfect for the borrower’s needs.

Marketing Communications
Coordinate advertising and promotion activities as well as public relations and product positioning to market our products, services and community events.

Be an integral part of our success by providing back-office support to our front-line employees and departments.

Professional Development
Provide a comprehensive, well-managed training and job development program to promote employee success.

Provide a professional image and be the face or voice of our company by offering customers personal or commercial financial solutions while building successful, long-term relationships.

Trust Investments
Work with clients of high net worth to manage portfolios for individuals, trusts, IRAs, corporations, retirement plans, charitable organizations and foundations.