Changes Coming to Your Mastercard® Credit Card

We are always working to improve your banking experience! Improvements we are making to your credit card will allow you more flexibility in how to use your points, updated statements and websites, more convenience in accessing your rewards, and even greater fraud protection.

Important Information and Improvement Highlights

Your credit card number will not change and will still be usable as improvements are made.
Rewards points will continue to build during this time of improvement but will not be viewable online.
All accumulated Reward points will be viewable in Online Banking after improvements are complete.
Card alerts and electronic statements will be discontinued during improvement time and you will need to re-establish them in Online Banking.
Directly access and redeem Reward points conveniently though Online Banking.
Benefit from unique card numbers on joint accounts that provides added security.
Updated statement design that allows you to clearly review your account activity.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions during this time of improvement, please call Cardholder Services at 800-445-9272 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday, 8:00 am until noon Central standard time.

New and Improved Statement and Card Management

We’re so excited to share the improvements – here is a video overview of our new credit card statement, and where to find all the important information.

Along with our new statement, we’ve made keeping up with your credit card account even easier! Do more with your credit card in your Online Banking – view statements, make one-time credit card payments, schedule future and recurring credit card payments, view activity, set-up credit card alerts, and access rewards!

One of the Most Exciting Upgrades – More Rewards Options!

Accessing your rewards just got easier – you can now use your Online Banking to access reward points! Redeem on a number of exciting prizes, book flights, pay with points, and receive deposits to your Jefferson Bank accounts!

Even Greater Fraud Protection

You will now have unique card numbers on joint credit card accounts! It provides additional security and convenience should either of your cards be lost, stolen, or compromised. You won’t receive a new card number during this upgrade, and the cancellation of one card, will not affect the other card.

At the time of card reissue, the primary cardholder will retain the existing card number and other card holders will receive a new card number. All activity will appear on one statement for billing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information


No. Your current card number will not change during this upgrade. Please note – At the time of a card reissue, the primary cardholder will retain the existing card number and other card holders will receive a new, unique card number. In the event your account needs a card replacement, due to loss or fraud, each customer on the account will receive a new card number. All activity will appear on one statement for billing purposes. Having separate card numbers will lessen future inconvenience should one of your cards need to be replaced.

No. It will remain the same.

No. Your payment date will remain the same.

It’s easy! On the top right of your screen select "Log In" then “Enroll in Online Banking” to get started, or call your local branch.

Yes, but Online Banking has been enhanced so you have all the functions and information you need, in one secure place. We highly encourage you to use your Jefferson Bank Online Banking account. If you wish to continue to use, you will need to re-enroll with a new user name and password, and set up all your preferences once again.
Please note that Internet Explorer browsers will not support

After November 6, 2020, access to this site will no longer be available. Enjoy more functionality by using your Online Banking account.

No. Your digital wallet will not be affected.

Possibly. If your recurring payments are set up though your Online Banking account, you will continue without interruption. But, if you have a recurring payment set up through, this will be discontinued, and you will need to re-establish payment through Online Banking.

No. Recurring payments you have set up will continue without interruption. This is possible because your credit card information and number will not change during this time of enhancement.

Any alerts set up through will be discontinued and will need to be re-established within Online Banking. All customers with Online Banking credit card alerts prior to the upgrade will be setup for “All Transactions” alerts. Unfortunately, we were unable to directly migrate the exact alert criteria so you will receive an alert on every transaction until you log in to Online Banking, navigate to “Manage Alerts”, and add or edit to fit your needs.

Yes. Any transaction triggering one or more of the ‘rules’ you have in place, will generate an alert to you immediately.

All electronic statement copies are available on until improvements are finalized. If you foresee needing past statements for any reason, we suggest you download them now. Statement requests after that date can be made by calling 800-445-9272. Requests may be subject to a fee. This fee can be found in your Cardholder Agreement.

In Online Banking, you can access Credit Card statements the same way you access all other bank statements. Under “My Accounts,” select “Statements and Documents,” then click “View Statements.”


Yes, you will continue to earn points during this time of improvement. You will not be able to see or access these points until after the improvement is complete, when we automatically add the points to your account balance. After all improvements are finished, points will accrue and be available on a daily basis.

Once improvements are complete, log in to Jefferson Bank’s Online Banking to easily link over to the new Rewards website. Once you are logged in to Online Banking, click “Rewards” to access your information faster than ever.

Yes. Unredeemed Reward points will automatically transfer from the current Rewards website to the new Rewards website found in Online Banking.

No. Points will continue to expire five (5) years at month-end, from the month you earned them. For example, points awarded in May of 2021, will expire May 30, 2026.

No. World Elite card points do not expire.