Business Solutions

Start with Jefferson Bank’s easy to use business tools today!

Equip your business with tools that will save you time and money. With Jefferson Bank’s Business Solutions your company will be more manageable and efficient than ever before. Mobile access, through the Jefferson Bank App, gives you the power to make and accept payments, manage your cash, and provide the best security for your business anywhere, and anytime, all from your smart device. Optimize your business’s processes with Jefferson Bank today!

Accepting Payments

Collect funds quickly, accept credit and debit card payments, and grow your share of the e-commerce market with our suite of Online processing solutions. Regardless of your business size, we offer a variety of solutions to free up your cash flow and have the funds you’ve earned ready and available when you need them. Learn More >>

Making Payments

We can customize a payment solution for your business. From Mobile Bill Pay and the ability to schedule or make payments from virtually anywhere to the convenience and protection of our Business Rewards Mastercard®, we offer a wide variety of payment solutions. We can save you the stress of ensuring your payments are made on time. And you’ll have the resources to make purchases when you need them most. Learn More >>

Cash Management

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your business operations. And that should start with cash management. We can improve your cash management with our proven products. We will customize a cash management plan for your business and enhance your payroll, deposit services, online banking and more. Start here, and find your solution. Learn More >>

Protecting Your Business

With our business fraud protection solutions, you can ensure that your business is safe. From positive pay and overdraft protection to business insurance, you can save time, money and hassle. Explore our services, and help your business succeed. Learn More >>