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    • Cash Management
    • Cash Management

      We can enhance your payroll, deposit services, online banking and more with a customized a cash-management plan for your business.

      As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your business operations. And that should start with cash management. We can improve your cash management with our proven products. We will customize a cash management plan for your business and enhance your payroll, deposit services, online banking and more. Start here, and find your solution.

    • Contact a business banking representative at 573.634.0800 or stop by any location to get started.

      Not sure which solution is right for your business? Get started with Business Analyzer today and have your answer within minutes.


    • Online Access
      Manage all aspects of your cash flow from the convenience of BusinessLink – Online or with our Mobile App*.
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      Eliminate the worry of making sure your employees are paid on time with one of our convenient payroll options.
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      Eliminate any fear associated with accepting checks.
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      Streamline your funds with our electronic deposit service.
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      Direct Connect with Quicken®
      Manage your money more effectively by integrating with Quicken® and QuickBooks®.
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