Loans and Credit

If you’re buying a home, considering a new car, treating yourself to something special, or needing extra cash for an unexpected emergency, we have a loan solution that’s perfect for you.

At Jefferson Bank we have exceptional services available to help you meet the short-term or long-term financial goals you’re planning to achieve and a variety of loan options. Our expert team of lenders will ensure we find the loan solution suitable for your specific financial situation.

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Credit Cards
A Jefferson Bank Credit Card is the only card you’ll need, with free rewards and no annual fee, and the power of Mastercard®.
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Home Loans
Our experienced lenders will help you through every step of the home-buying process to ensure you are in your new home quickly.
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Home Equity
Take advantage of the equity in your home to consolidate debt, complete a special project, complete home renovations, make a major purchase and much more.
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Personal Loans
A Jefferson Bank Personal Loan is the missing link between you and your next financial goal. Consolidate existing debt, get yourself through an unexpected emergency or buy the vehicle you’ve been eyeing.
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