Don't let the weekend ruin your budget

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Weekends are arguably the most anticipated days by workers in every industry. But if you aren't careful with how you spend your money on your days off, your budget can be affected, and not in a positive way.

No matter what days you have for the weekend, here are some ways you can keep your spending in check but still enjoy the time off from work.

Limit big events

It's still the summer, and you've likely noticed how there is some event going on every weekend. Whether it's a music festival or other big event, your entertainment options are endless. And as fall approaches, you might feel the itch to head to a college or professional football game, both of which fall on the weekend.

While you can go to as many big-ticket events as you please, it probably won't make financial sense to do so. Not only do you have to pay for the price of admission, but you'll also have to factor in getting there, food and drinks, and possibly souvenirs.

Budget ahead of time if you're going to a big-ticket event and try to limit these to a few throughout the year so your bank account isn't drained.

Weekend entertainment

Major movie releases always occur on Friday, but if you're a big fan of film, always going to the theater can get expensive.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the average price of a movie ticket in 2015 was $8.61 [1]. Some cities and theaters charge more, especially if you want to a see a film in special formats, such as IMAX. Over the course of a month, movie tickets can add up.

Luckily, movie studios usually map out their scheduled releases far ahead of time. Pick out the movies you want to see in the theater and the others you can wait to rent and watch at home.


Weekends are often used to run errands and head to the store to pick up items you need around the house or apartment. But try not to get too carried away with impulse buys on things that cost more money than you've budgeted.

When the weekend pops up, you still have to stick to your budget. Try not to make unnecessary purchases on your day off. You might even find it appealing to spend one or two weekends every month without spending any money, as highlighted by The Simple Dollar [2].

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