Looking to get rid of some junk? Sell these items for extra cash

Cleaning out your house might seem like an overwhelming task. One thing that can change your attitude is the fact that you might have some secret treasures hidden away in your attic. The stuff you think is junk might be worth a lot to the right person. Here are some of the items gathering dust in your basement that you can turn into cash in your pocket.

Antiques and old toys for sale

You might think those pants from the 70s are old news, but style is always evolving. Bring your old clothing to a consignment shop and see if you can make a deal. There might be a teenager who has been looking for some vintage bellbottoms to add to her wardrobe!

The market for collectible toys is huge. Beanie Babies are being sold and bought for hundreds and even thousands of dollars online every day. The same goes for dollhouses, baseball cards, action figures, and more. If you've got an old toy that's in good condition, you might want to do a little research on its worth.

That broken laptop that's been sitting in a desk drawer for four years? Don't get rid of that. There are companies that will buy your damaged electronics! Gather your old cellphones and computers and enjoy the extra spending money you didn't know you had.

Antique furniture
If you think your furniture is so last century, that might be a good thing. You could be holding onto some valuable antiques. Trust your gut-maybe you've got a hunch that you've got a collector's item. It might be worth it to have the item examined by an expert who can tell you if you're sitting on a goldmine.

You could have an item for which someone else is willing to pay a lot of money. With that being said, make sure you're not getting ripped off. Especially with antique and collectible items, make sure your buyer is making you a good offer. If you appear to not know what you're doing, someone might take advantage and you might end up accidentally giving a collector the deal of a lifetime.

Take your time doing your research and you might just end up with a good chunk of change!

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