Wedding Planning on a Budget

Use these tips to help plan your perfect wedding and stay in budget.

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While planning a wedding is an exciting time, it can be an expensive celebration that requires a lot of thought and budgeting. The average cost of a U.S. wedding is between $29K-$31K, not including the honeymoon! [1] Use these tips to plan your perfect wedding, without breaking the bank!

Stick to a budget

Although you may not think you’re going to overspend, using a budget can help keep your spending on track. Tally up your savings, maintain a spreadsheet for all costs, and don’t go over your budget during the planning process. Remember to leave some room in your budget for any unexpected costs.

Money is the best gift

Before you decide to register at multiple stores for wedding gifts, ask your guests for a monetary gift that you both can put towards your honeymoon or a future home. These gifts help alleviate costs, and guests will understand the need for a little extra financial help as newlyweds. You can also create a honeymoon registry, where guests can have the option to purchase a car rental, guided tour or tickets to a show. This is a more personalized way to save money on honeymoon experiences.

Dress rentals

Consider renting a wedding dress for your celebration. After all, why spend so much money on a dress you’ll wear one time? Also, think about renting your rehearsal dinner dress, as well. Your bridesmaids may also decide to rent their dresses to save money! Take many photos in your dresses and then return them! This alleviates major fashion costs and can really help keep your budget on track.

One location

The wedding venue typically makes up a large portion of wedding costs. To save money, tie the knot at a free or less expensive venue like a church, park or family property. Have your wedding and reception in the same location can minimize venue costs and make transportation easy for you and your guests.

Forget the wedding favors

Instead of spending money on wedding favors that guests may not be able to use, put that money back into the wedding. Create a great experience at your wedding rather than sending your guests home with a small present.

DIY decorations

Bond with your bachelorette party and make your decorations together! You can DIY your flower arrangements and create other fun photo-opportunity moments. You can also ask storeowners if they are willing to donate their display decorations for your wedding. If you have a wedding planner, consider asking them for less costly ways to decorate.

Food and drinks

Avoid the costs involved with a sit-down meal and opt for a buffet-style dinner. This is usually a much cheaper option and allows for more flexibility on the menu. To avoid dinner completely, pick out heavier appetizers. Additionally, bar costs can be one of the more expensive costs from your wedding. Consider reducing the options for beverages, or invite guests to bring their own beverages to trim expenses.

Create your own invitations

There are so many options online to create beautiful invitations, without the high costs! With the help of your bridal party, create the invitation and enjoy some bachelorette bonding.

Choose a date

Consider getting married in non-peak wedding months - November to April. Booking your date outside of peak wedding months can help save money. Also, consider scheduling your ceremony on a Saturday – this is usually the most sought-after ceremony day.

Ditch the DJ

Get your own stereo system and play a pre-made playlist for hours of music and dancing. Choose your own songs and have a guest take requests throughout the night! With the help of these tips, you can enjoy your wedding without spending a fortune. Remember to budget your money, don’t overspend and, most importantly, enjoy the celebration!


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