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  • First-Time Homebuyer Checklist

    If this is your first time applying for a home loan or you simply need a refresher, this checklist can help you gather the documents once you’ve decided to proceed with the loan.

    • Employment Income Verification
      • Last two years of W-2 statements and a consecutive 30 days of paystubs including year-to-date earnings
      • Proof of additional income earnings – Social Security, Child Support, Alimony
      • Current and prior year Personal Federal Tax Returns
      • (If Self-Employed) Business Federal Tax Returns, all pages and schedules with Year-to-date Profit and Loss Statement

    • Asset Verification
      • Last three months of your checking, savings, and investment statements

    • Collateral
      • Signed sales contract and any addendums on the purchase of the home
      • Name and telephone number of insurance agent
      • Title company or settlement name and contact info
      • Copy of Earnest Money Check

    • Legal
      • Copy of Photo ID and/or Permanent Resident Alien card – if applicable
      • Copy of Revocable Trust - if applicable
      • Copy of recorded Divorce Decree - if applicable

    No verification items are needed to receive a loan estimate.