Securely Link Your Card Information Online

If you shop online, you’ve probably been asked to save your card information when finalizing a purchase. That may have you asking - what’s the benefit of doing that?

Linking your Jefferson Bank Debit or Credit Card online with your favorite retailers gains you the beneficial combination of:

  • Convenience - Stored payment information means automatic payments and online checkout that lets you quickly be on your way – no more having to go grab your wallet. By consolidating all of your spending to one credit card, you’ll earn maximum rewards.
  • Security - Enjoy peace of mind with online payment protection. With Mastercard® Identity Theft Protection™ you can count on the latest security technology to monitor and alert you of any suspicious activity.
  • Control - Keep your payment information where you need it the most - with your favorite, trusted online merchants and in your digital wallet.

List of trusted websites where you could quickly and securely check out each time.

  • Online grocers
  • Clothing stores
  • Utility companies
  • Subscription Payments
  • Streaming services
  • Digital wallets
  • Cell phone and internet companies