Gift Cards and Rewards

Replace your paper gift certificates with the convenience and flexibility of a gift card and reward your customers with a loyalty program.

Give your small business an advantage over competitors by offering your customers the option of purchasing gift cards and rewarding your frequent customers with a reward and loyalty program.  

The ability to purchase gift cards for your business will attract new customers and allow your current customers who already know and love you to easily purchase gift cards for friends and family, providing a referral revenue stream to your small business. Plus, gift cards are safer and easier to manage than paper gift certificates. In addition to the ability to purchase gift cards for others, a loyalty program will reward your returning customer and enhance your existing relationship.

Increased Income

With gift cards as a growing gift during the holiday season or for special occasions, they are often the most profitable square foot of selling space in your store. Merchants report sales increase of 25% to 50% over paper gift certificates, with 50% spending more than the value of the card.

Marketing Impact

Gift Cards improve your brand awareness and function as small “billboards” in your customers’ wallets to attract new customers. In addition, a variety of loyalty and reward programs give customers a reason to keep coming back.

Manage Your Cash

Gift cards can be used to issue store credit for merchandise returns allowing you to keep that cash in your store along with providing detailed reports, reducing fraud and eliminating manual accounting tasks.


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