Positive Pay

Don't let check fraud harm your company's bottom line or disrupt your business operations.

Protect Your Small Business From Check Fraud

Check fraud is a problem that will cost American businesses and banks an estimated $50 billion this year alone. Positive Pay is an automated check-matching service that simplifies account reconciliation and identifies any check that was not legitimately issued or has an altered dollar amount. This sophisticated fraud management service forms an alliance between the bank and your small business in the war against check fraud.

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  • Reduces or eliminates potential for fraudulent or altered checks
  • Provides multiple layers of security
  • Prevents paying a check with encoding error
  • Ensures stale-dated, voided or stop-pay checks are not paid
  • Online access to inquire on the status of checks, place stop payments, print an image of a cleared check and add checks to the issued file

Add an extra layer with Payee Positive Pay

If you need a higher level of defense against check fraud, you can add Payee Positive Pay to your existing Positive Pay solution. The payee on the check image is read through a highly specific algorithm, verified, and compared to the issued file you provide.

Payee Positive Pay uses advanced technology to analyze each check’s handwriting and the “Pay To The Order Of” line.  

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