Automated Accounts Payable

Automated Accounts Payable (AP) transforms your payment process into a time saving, automatic process that adds incremental revenue to your bottom line!

With our Commercial Payments Automated AP Solution you can automatically process payments when your company buyer approves an invoice for payment. This is then turned into a single use credit card number to be issued to the specific vendor for each payment on the file. Our single file solution offers ACH and check payments to vendors who do not accept credit cards. Once the payment is processed, a reconciliation report is sent back to you.

  • Customize and consolidate your reporting
  • Turn a portion of your spending into an electronic payment
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate errors
  • There is no cost & no change to current systems

Commercial Payments Flowchart CB

Using AP from Jefferson Bank gives you the simple ease of only having one system to manage all of your payments, and Jefferson Bank will pay you a revenue share on every dollar of credit card payments processed through the system.

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