Check Fraud Protection for Business

Help protect your business from check fraud with Check Positive Pay.

More Control with Checks

  • Avoid paying stale-dated, voided, or stop-pay checks.
  • Prevent paying a check with an error or altered payee name.
  • Significantly limit liability and exposure to check fraud.
  • Protection from counterfeit or duplicated checks.

Want to Save Even More?

sales tag with 25 percent

Bundle Check Positive Pay with our ACH Positive Pay solution and receive a 25% discount! The 25% discount reflects the bundled price as compared to purchasing each service separately.

Secure Online Access

Manage Check Positive Pay securely within Business Online Banking.

  • Place stop payments.
  • Add checks.
  • View account activity.
  • Decide whether to pay exceptions.

Additional Protection with Payee Positive Pay

Want another level of protection? Add Payee Positive Pay to your Check Positive Pay solution for a greater defense against check fraud.

Get Started Protecting Your Business

To learn more or implement Check Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay for your business, contact your business banking representative. Give us a call at (866) 236-8744 or visit any convenient location near you.

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