Find the perfect gift for your college student

A happy girl looking into a large cardboard box

College students can be a picky bunch to shop for.

As a parent, you've likely received dozens of calls from your child about the various things he or she needs at school. From new shoes to basic toiletries, the list seemingly never ends.

Now that we're nearing the holidays, you can get ahead of those calls by buying your student some essential items and more. Here are some holiday gift ideas any college kid will appreciate:

Socks and clothes

No, this isn't some type of play on the classic holiday joke. College students can use all the help they can get to deal with the cold. Students are often not prepared for inclement weather, no matter how much you tell them to account for the snow and cold.

According to advice from New York Magazine, wool socks are particularly effective. They're stylish to go with all types of footwear and can be worn while spending the day at class or at the gym.

Flannel-lined chinos or jeans are also good choices. These types of pants are lined with material that protects legs from piercing winter winds. Some popular brands even incorporate unique patterns around the cuffs that many a college undergraduate will find appealing.

Outerwear is the final piece of the winter clothing puzzle. Heavier coats are a must-have for this upcoming season. Vests are ideal for those chilly-but-not-freezing mornings, while wind breakers can come in handy near the start of the spring.

A tech shower

Technology plays a vital role in modern education. Start by seeing if your child's laptop or tablet is up to the task of handling even more coursework. If new devices are needed, be sure to look into them soon before quantities become limited.

But you don't always need to make large, expensive purchases for a gift, as smaller tech items are just as suitable. Personal assistant devices, such as the Echo Dot, are gaining in popularity because of their low prices. Time Money explained how these small devices are able to provide information at a moment's notice, answer math questions, and can even set an alarm.

A Bluetooth speaker is also a great buy because it provides better sound quality in a small package without any wires. Streaming devices for Netflix or Hulu are other items worth considering, CNET pointed out.

Travel companions

Many students choose to study abroad at some point during their college career, and the spring semester may be when your son or daughter heads overseas. Consider helping them out by getting some necessary travel items, such as new luggage or headrests for that long flight. To help pass the time while flying, your child may appreciate noise-canceling headphones to avoid the many sounds of a bustling airplane.

This holiday season, make your child's college career easier by getting him or her gifts that help, from winter clothing to new study devices. They may not realize it at first, but these gifts can go a long way toward helping them throughout the remainder of their education.

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