Five tips to boost productivity while traveling for business

There are around 488 million business trips taken annually [1]. More than likely, you will be a part of that statistic. One part of growing your career is keeping your pedal to the metal out of the office too. Business trips can be very stressful, so here are a few helpful tips to ease into the trip ahead.

Group of employees traveling for business

1. Think Wi-Fi.
Flights take up a good chunk of time when traveling for business. That time could be spent doing a lot of different things - listening to music, watching movies on the little airline screen, or preparing for the big presentation you have when you land. To best utilize the spare time given to you, invest in tickets for a flight that's Wi-Fi enabled. This will ensure that you aren't dissatisfied with the opportunity cost of not being able to do business or answer those crucial e-mails.

If everything goes smoothly, the flight should be a comfortable place to easily focus and get stuff done.

2. Plan ahead.
Picture this. You show up to your first day of meetings feeling good, only to realize you're in the wrong building. That can't be good for your pride OR your career. It's important to plan ahead! The night before you begin to pack, take time to sit down and finalize your meetings, map out directions from your hotel to said meetings, and make sure everything you have to do is time efficient.

3. Be prepared for technology mishaps.
Nothing is worse than being in the middle of an important conversation and then suddenly the screen goes black. Packing extra charging cords, power strips, or portable charging devices is crucial.

Before your trip, make sure that all of your presentations, documents, or spreadsheets are backed up to some sort of second-party device. Whether you are backing up all of your information to iCloud or a jump drive, it's important to keep all of your items organized and in more than one place.

4. Be a “techie.”
We live in a technology-driven world, so it's only fitting that you become a full-blown “techie” on business trips.

Some meetings may call for your heavy-duty laptop and some may not. It's important to keep alternatives on hand so you're ready for whatever is thrown at you. You can always use a tablet or your phone if you don't feel a laptop is necessary.

5. Finally, take a break.
You're only human. Taking a break every now and again will replenish your motivation and have you more ready to work than ever. Go explore the city you're in, kick back, and enjoy your surroundings.

[1] Business Travel Spending to Rise Nearly 5 Percent in 2015, But “Erratic” Economic Drivers Limit Growth, Global Business Travel Association

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