How to save money on travel

Person with a suitcase going into a hotel room

When taking a vacation, you probably will be doing quite of spending. Unless you brought along your own food and bed sheets, your tab during a trip may include charges for lodging, food and even souvenirs you purchase while on holiday. This should be a time to relax, so you shouldn't stress yourself out by worrying about your finances. One area where you can cut costs is your lodging. Whether you are staying at a five-star hotel or crashing on a friend's couch, there are plenty of ways you can save cash in this department. Here are a few ways you can cut down on lodging arrangements:

Ask about discounts
As you are looking for different accommodations, you should check to see if the hotel will offer discounts. This can be achieved by simply calling the place you will be staying at, telling them about your accommodations and see if they can knock a few bucks off your bill. Many hotels can offer discounts for families or those who are on business trips. Even if the discount is a few dollars, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Know all of your costs
While researching the place where you are going to stay at, make sure you are aware of every single charge that will be included on your bill. Sometimes hotels may tack on a charge if you are late to check out by a few minutes. Every hotel is different, but you may see charges for Wi-Fi, laundry, gym use, parking, extra towels and even continental breakfast. You can find this out by reaching out to the hotel and asking it for average rates and extra fees.

Travel without reservations
When taking a vacation, you should revel in the chance to be adventurous. Not booking a hotel reservation can ignite your adventurous side and help you save money. Not getting a reservation for large cities during holidays may not be the best idea, but if you are just taking a quick weekend trip, you can probably save more money if you book on the fly.

Look for other types of lodging
A swanky hotel can be a great luxury while you are on a trip, but many times they will charge top dollar. To save a few extra dollars, try to look for off-the-beaten path lodging options such as bed and breakfasts and even hostels. These are often cheaper options that will allow you to see new parts of the city you are visiting.

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