Unclaimed Property Explained

Ever wondered if there's money waiting for you? Enter the world of "unclaimed property" and learn how to check if there's any for you.

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Unclaimed property is like a hidden treasure, like forgotten money in old accounts, stocks, or uncashed paychecks. When left untouched, the state keeps it safe until you claim it. Learn everything you need to know about unclaimed property.

How Unclaimed Property Works:

Property doesn't become unclaimed right away but follows a cycle. After a few inactive years, businesses try reaching out. If they can't, the property goes to the state for safekeeping.

How to Check for Unclaimed Property

Look for Missouri unclaimed property for yourself or your family by visiting treasurer.mo.gov. If you find something, the state will guide you on getting it back. If you have lived or worked in different states, find the state’s unclaimed property program online.

Search in any state you or your family lived or worked.

What's in it for you?

Extra money! Finding lost money means cash for something special, bills, or saving for the future. Plus, reclaiming valuable items like jewelry or stocks keeps your treasures safe. It's a happy, secure feeling knowing you've found what's rightfully yours.

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How to Avoid Your Property Becoming Unclaimed

Prevent your property from becoming unclaimed by using your accounts regularly. Also, keep your information updated and save records of transactions.

Discovering unclaimed property is like finding a surprise gift—take a few minutes to check, and you might be in for a surprise!

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