Samsung Pay

Turn your phone into your wallet with Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service that works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.*

From grocery stores to corner coffee shops to taco trucks, it’s highly secure and simple to use with the latest Samsung Galaxy Devices. Now you can use your credit, debit, gift, membership, and rewards cards on Samsung Pay. It’s accepted at your favorite spots to make checkouts easy and rewards hard to miss.

*Only compatible with select cards, carriers and Samsung devices; see the Samsung Pay Support page for compatibility information.

Swipe up. Secure. Hover. Pay.

Samsung Pay is designed to make paying with your device fast, easy, and convenient. Swipe up on your screen to launch and authorize your transactions with your fingerprint. To pay, just hover your device close to the terminal where you’d usually swipe or tap your card.

Samsung’s best security, built-in.

  • Personal protection with fingerprint authentication. Transactions are authorized with your fingerprint, so you’re in control of when each payment is made.
  • Shop safe with payment tokenization. Each transaction uses a specific number instead of your card number, which means your transactions are secure, and your information stays safe.
  • Built-in security with Samsung Knox. With Samsung, Knox technology embedded your device is constantly monitored for signs of malicious attacks or vulnerabilities. Even if your device is ever compromised, your card information is still safely encrypted within a separate and secure data vault.
  • Your purchases are never stored or shared.

Get started with Samsung Pay.

  1. Activate - Find the pre-installed app on your phone or download it off Google Play and sign into your account.
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  2. Lock Down Security - Scan your fingerprint or iris and enter a pin to authenticate future purchases.
  3. Add Your Cards - Snap a picture of your card and provide your signature where necessary.
  4. You're ready to go!