Lines of Credit

Equip your business with this flexible and responsive loan solution. You’ll be ready to finance inventory, operating expenses and more.

Borrow funds on your terms without having to apply for a loan each time. With Jefferson Bank’s business lines of credit, you can borrow specific amounts, at any time, whenever you need the cash. Whether it’s for a special one-time need, seasonal needs or a situation unique to your business, we will work with you to find the best solution.

Contact a business banking representative at (573) 634-0888 or stop by any location for your one-on-one financial review.


Choose what works best for your business

  • Single Purpose Line of Credit - Advances are to support a borrower’s special one-time need.
  • Seasonal Line of Credit - Generally used to finance inventory and accounts receivable build-up associated with seasonal business activity.
  • Revolving Line of Credit - Used to finance receivables, inventory or current operating expenses. The specific terms and structure can be tailored to the borrower’s unique financial needs.
  • Business Reserve Lines of Credit - This line is tied to the borrower’s checking account and is activated by writing a check on the account. Interest is accumulated daily on the outstanding balance.

Our loan experts will help determine the payment option that best fits your needs.

How It Works

  1. Complete the paperwork
  2. Activate your line of credit by a simple call
  3. Determine your payment schedule

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