Account Alerts

Receive real-time updates on your accounts with BusinessLink Accounts Alerts. Set up an alert in Online Banking and we’ll send you a text* or email about your account balances, deposits and loan payments.


Stay updated on any:

  • Pending deposits (in near real time)
  • Account balance benchmarks
  • Overdrawn accounts (in near real time)
  • Coming due loan repayments
  • Processed loan payments
  • Check clearance by check number
  • Transactions over a specified amount
  • Direct deposit is made
  • Item previously deposited returned due to non-sufficient funds


Get started with text alerts!

  1. Verify your previous phone number or add a new phone number from the Alerts page under Account Services in Online Banking
  2. Accept terms and conditions
  3. Receive a verification code via text
  4. Enter verification code in Online Banking


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