Overdraft Protection

Keep your cash flow moving and protect your small business from overdraft fees with overdraft protection from Jefferson Bank. We have many options for you to choose from to ensure you have cash readily available for the planned and unplanned expenses.

Protect your Checking Account with a Line of Credit:

A Line of Credit is used to finance your receivables, inventory or current operating expenses.  This form of overdraft protection can be tied to the borrower’s checking account and is activated by writing a check on the account or simply using your debit card. Interest is accumulated daily on the outstanding balance.

Protect Your Checking Account with a Small Business Credit Card:

Managing the ins and out of your cash flow can be tricky. Make your purchases without the fear or embarrassment of your card being declined. Simply link your Small Business Credit Card to your checking account and when your account funds are running low, your credit card will automatically transfer funds to cover the amount in $50 increments.*

Contact a business banking representative at (573) 634-0888 or stop by any location for your one-on-one financial review.