Card Security and Liability

Secure Ways to Accept Payments in Order to Protect your Business

Provide extra conveniences to customers, increase satisfaction, and protect your business from fraud liability by offering the most secure ways to accept payments at your business.

1. EMV Cards

EMV Cards, also known as Chip Cards or Smart Cards, provide an additional layer of security with an embedded microchip.

The chip on the card generates a unique cryptogram for every single transaction that is virtually impossible to clone by counterfeiters. The chip also stores personalized security credentials that cannot be accessed without authorization. EMV fraud prevention is only effective when a card is present and does not provide the same layer of protection online or when payments are made by phone.

If a Chip Card is used at a traditional magnetic-strip only terminal to make a fraudulent purchase, the business or merchant will most likely be held for responsible for all of the costs associated with the purchase.

2. Contactless Payments

Contactless payments allow customers to tap their credit or debit card on a reader to complete the transaction. This payment method uses near-field communication to connect with a card reader which is in close proximity to a point-of-sale (POS) reader.

Digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay are another way for your customers to complete a contactless transaction using their phone or smartwatch. Your business can benefit from providing an extra layer of protection to your customers, since customers are required to use facial recognition, fingerprint or PIN to verify their purchase.

EMV security protections allow your business to not only provide the extra layer of protection to your customers, but also to reduce liability risk associated with fraud.

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