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  • Commercial Mastercard Multi Card®

    The Jefferson Bank Commercial Mastercard Multi Card® is a corporate card, purchasing card, and fleet card – three cards all in one.

    Our Commercial Mastercard Multi Card® consolidates three cards into one, giving you one location to monitor all spending and making your corporation eligible for revenue sharing. The card administrator has control, allowing them to specify what types of spending categories can be accessed, place specific spending limits, and vendor limits per employee and per spending category.

    • No finance charges
    • no annual fees
    • Complete card customization
    • Multiple billing cycle options
    • Earn revenue share in form of cash back

    Optimize card spend across multiple expense types with standard and custom reporting, including administrative access to control employee spend and credit limits.

    Run Your Business More Efficiently

    • No need for multiple cards – consolidated three cards into one
    • Consolidated volume – By increasing spend on one card, the corporation could be eligible for better revenue share.
    • Robust spend controls – The card administrator has control allowing them to specify what types of spend categories can be accessed, place specific limits and vendor limits per employee and per spend category.
    • Consolidated data – One location to monitor all spending.

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  • Three Cards Consolidated Into One

    1. Corporate Card

    Travel and entertainment spend is considered the second largest controllable spend category behind payroll, often used to purchase airfares, hotel stays, ground transportation, meals, client entertainment, and more
    2. Purchasing Card
    This functionality allows monthly cycle spending limits and other user controls that allow companies to pre-authorize users to make immediate purchases within spend policy restrictions. Approved users can easily purchase goods and services when needed.
    3. Fleet Card
    This card type is used to purchase fuel, parts, maintenance services, and other incidentals. This card can be linked to a vehicle or an individual. The card can be set to prompt for the odometer reading, vehicle number and/or driver identification number.
  • Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.