10 Things You Can’t Miss in Rolla, Missouri

Explore exciting activities for your visit to Rolla, Missouri, whether for a weekend getaway or day trip!

Route 66 Sign

 Rolla, Missouri offers an array of attractions and activities for a memorable weekend getaway. From scenic parks to historical landmarks and outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone.

  1. Soda & Scoops on Route 66

    Cruise down Route 66 and enjoy soda, ice cream, and old fashioned style candy. It’s a sweet journey you won’t forget!
  2. Route 66 Summerfest

    A tradition that started in Downtown Rolla, now happens across the area for all ages. Don't miss out on the fun – check the schedule here.
  3. Antique Spots

    Explore Rolla’s best antique spots such as the Rolla Antique Mall, Forgotten Finds, Pine Street Vintage, and The Rustic Windmill. Who knows what treasures you'll find!
  4. Winery

    Experience the charm of a winery for your relaxing weekend getaway. While you're in the Rolla area, be sure to check out these wineries:
    • Spencer Manor Winery: Offering wine tasting, food, and events, Spencer Manor Winery provides unique experiences for visitors.
    •  Prairie Barn Winery and Christmas Tree Farm: With its iconic 1929 barn and rich history as a former dairy farm, this farm offers a unique setting for visitors.
    • St. James Winery: Since 1970, St. James Winery has been renowned for its sustainably farmed and award-winning wine selections.
    • Peaceful Bend: Known for its vibrant community atmosphere, Peaceful Bend hosts various events like Open Mic Nights and live music performances.
  5. Cedar Street Playhouse

    Immerse yourself in captivating performances at the Cedar Street Playhouse. Get ready for an unforgettable journey of entertainment!
  6. Public House Brewing Company

    Unwind and raise a toast at the Public House Brewing Company. Enjoy frosty craft beers and great company.
  7. Fugitive Beach

    Dive into excitement at Fugitive Beach, where sandy shores and sparkling blue water await. From zooming down waterslides to cliff jumping or simply floating on a tube, there's something enjoyable for all ages.
  8. Maramec Spring Park

    Explore the great outdoors at Maramec Spring Park. Enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, and bird watching adventures.
  9. Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center

    Whether you're looking for fun for the kids or yourself, Kokomo Joe's offers go-karting, miniature golf, a driving range, and batting cages. Enjoy the arcade with a selection of exciting, family-friendly games to choose from.
  10. Rolla Lions Club Den and Park

    Rolla Lions Club Den and Park is full of fun! Explore the playground, fire up the grills, enjoy the lake, ride the mountain bike trail, play disc golf, and more!

Enjoy your trip!

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