Jefferson Bank together with Zelle

Know where your money is and get it where it needs to be quickly. Zelle, a fast, safe, and easy way to send money.

Jefferson Bank has partnered with Zelle to improve your connection to the trusted people around you, especially when you need to pay them. From splitting the cost of lunch, to sending emergency gas money to your child, and even paying the neighbor next door to mow the lawn, Jefferson Bank and Zelle have you covered when it comes to getting money where it needs to be.

Money moves directly from account to account with Zelle in the Jefferson Bank App, so you’ll never be left wondering where your money is. Jefferson Bank and Zelle make sending and receiving money easy.

  1. Open Zelle in the Jefferson Bank App or Online Banking.
  2. Enter the email or U.S. mobile number of the person you would like to send money.
  3. Enter the amount and hit “Send”.
  4. Track your payments in the Jefferson Bank App or Online Banking!


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Jefferson Bank together with Zelle® Frequently Asked Questions