Eliminate your carbon footprint with Jefferson Bank

The world of banking is changing and making it easier than ever to eliminate your carbon footprint. By going green and reducing paper from your life, you’re not only saving trees, you’re also reducing the risk that those documents wind up on the wrong hands.

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If you haven't already, be sure to check out our online and mobile services to help you eliminate paper:

1. Sign up for electronic statements - By receiving your statements electronically, you eliminate the risk of someone taking the documents out of your mailbox or trash bin. When you enroll in eStatements, you can view your account statements, mortgage statements, and tax documents at any time via Online or Mobile Banking. All documents are conveniently stored in one location and are available for up to seven years.

2. Put your bills on autopilot - Save on stamps and envelopes, as well as a trip to the post office, with our online and mobile bill pay service. Manage and edit your payments from one convenient location via Online and Mobile Banking.

3. Make deposits from home - Deposit your checks from home via the Jefferson Bank Mobile App to eliminate a trip to the bank and other paper receipts by using Mobile Check Deposit.

4. Pay a friend from your smartphone - With Pay a Person, you can send a friend a digital payment via Online or Mobile Banking. You just need their email address or mobile number. You can send a payment right to their smartphone and track payments online.

Digital banking is changing the way people bank all over the world - making your life easier, providing enhanced security benefits, and making the world a little bit greener.

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