What is Text Banking?

Whether you are somewhere where you can’t make a quick phone call to your bank or are in a time crunch, text banking gives you access to your accounts via text messages.

Businesswoman using smart phone

Text banking is a fast and easy way to look up your account balances or your recent history just by sending a text command. You’ll save time and can access your account information from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go. You can even add Jefferson Bank to your contact list, amongst your closest family and friends!

Here is how to get started with *Text Banking:

  1. Log into your Jefferson Bank online banking account
  2. Select “Additional Services” and choose “Text Banking” in the drop down menu
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and select “Enroll”
  4. To begin using text banking, simply text 83318 for your account balance and activity and we’ll quickly reply back to you. To set up email or text alerts, select the “Accounts” tab and click “Manage Alerts”

Below is a list of text commands, which you can use anytime to stay up to date with your accounts. Send a text message using the following commands to use Jefferson Bank's Text Banking.

  • B or BAL- Receive a summary of available balances for all of your accounts. You’ll receive a list of all your Jefferson Bank accounts and the balances, including checking, savings, and credit card or loan balances.
  • H or HIST- View a summary of recent transactions for any of your accounts. If you have multiple accounts, you’ll choose and respond with which account you’d like to view recent transaction history for.
  • MENU- View a display of commands in case you forget.
  • STOP- Texting STOP deactivates all services tied to your phone number (i.e. Text Banking and Alerts) across all affiliate banks.

*Mobile carrier data and text rates may apply.

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