Fixed-Rate Mortgage

If having a consistent and surprise-free mortgage payment sounds like a dream, a Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan from Jefferson Bank could fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

After all, stability is not just a buzz word for you – it’s a way of life. With a Fixed-Rate Mortgage it’s easy to calculate payments and set repayment schedules exactly how you like it. You can plan ahead and possibly pay less interest over the life of your loan, as long as you remain financially stable.

General Benefits of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage:
  • Consistent monthly payments
  • Pay principal on your loan at any time with no penalties
  • Your interest stays the same, which makes it easier to budget around
  • You can choose the life of your loan
The pros and cons of a short Fixed-Rate Mortgage

A short-term fixed mortgage is great for those who want to pay less interest and pay off their home sooner. While your monthly payments are considerably higher, you can look forward to savings down the line. This is a great option for those who can afford it and are looking to move forward, faster.

The pros and cons of a long Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Long term fixed-rate mortgages are a wonderful option for people looking for lower monthly payments. While you will be paying off your mortgage longer than some and pay more interest overall, this can be a great option if you would prefer to keep your current budget more flexible.

Not sure what loan option works best for you? Talk to one of our lenders.

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